Have you always wished to customize your Carrier's labels? With ShippyPro Label Design you can include custom barcodes, custom text, your logo, and additional papers for the most unique shipping experience.

In this way, you'll reflect your brand identity on your labels and optimize your warehouse management... just like the big players! 🙌

📌 All the edits will be applied on API shipments only, they therefore won't be available for shipments created through Label Creator section.

📌Additional papers: you can add additional papers to the label as long as the format (PDF or ZPL) matches with the label format you have in the carrier's connection.

Contact our Sales Team to activate this feature:


1. Why customize your shipping labels 🛍

With ShippyPro Label Design, you can style your labels to take the shipping experience to a brand-new level.

🦸 Simplify your B2B shipments management

By adding a barcode or additional text, you can recognize your parcels at first sight by double-checking them right before shipping.

↩️ Offer your customers a fantastic return process

Attach return instructions together with the return label inside the box. This will encourage customers to order again.

✏️ Customize your labels per carriers, marketplace or country

Trough some simple rules, you can even decide for which Sales Channels, Marketplaces or countries to apply your edits.

Here are some practical examples of which information you can add:

  • Custom barcode: it comes in handy for the return phase and for double–checking. See which parcel ID is leaving the warehouse and manage multi-parcel orders in your B2B process.

  • Custom text: ease your order preparation phase by adding the parcel or transaction ID on the labels. Please note that only for orders managed via API you can add order ID, order attributes and parcel attributes.

  • Additional papers: just like the big brands do, attaching return instructions or additional info inside the box, you'll show proficiency and increase the customer's trust.

  • Logo: make your labels recognizable during the whole shipping journey by adding your logo directly onto them.

Curious to know how to make your labels unique? It's easier than you think, with no code involved, all from one interface. ✨

📌 Please, be sure to validate your label design with your Carrier before using it for your shipments. Now let's dive in!

2. How Label Design works ⚡️

Firstly, contact our Sales Team to proceed with the activation of this option. Once you receive confirmation, access the Label Design page.

📌 Remember to verify whether your Carrier supports label customization and which data can be included in the label from this page:

You'll then see that the options are divided into two columns, Activators and Design, while in the third one on the right you can display the preview of your label.


Under the Activators section, you can set some rules to decide for which options you'd like to apply all your edits (for example Marketplace, Carrier or Country) and optimize the customization process to the max. By enabling the return label checkbox, you'll add them to your return labels only.


You can decide to show a barcode, additional text or papers and your logo. In the first case, select the Barcode field choosing between some options that include, for example, the Order Id or Order Attributes.

Then pick the Barcode type that best suits your needs:

  • EAN 128B

  • CODE 128A

  • CODE 128B

  • CODE 39

  • CODE 93

Tick the option "Show a text" if you'd like to show an additional text which can either be the Transaction ID, Order Attributes etc. Then decide whether to add additional papers and specify the URL of the PDF containing the return instructions or any other additional info you prepared for your customers.

Finally, you can even decide to add your logo by including the image URL. You'll also have a direct preview of your choices shown on an example label:

Click on Save Configuration to apply all your edits. Now you're ready to offer your customers the most unique shipping experience just like bigger brands do.

📌 Please remember to validate your label design with your Carrier before using it for your shipments. ShippyPro won't be responsible for any Carrier's complaint if the labels were not validated before.

Contact our Sales Team to activate Label Design now:

Done! 🎈

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