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How to connect DHL Connect to ShippyPro
How to connect DHL Connect to ShippyPro
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Would you like to connect DHL Connect?

Keep reading to discover how to do it in just few steps! 🔎

To connect DHL Connect you need to request the credentials for ShippyPro connection to your DHL Connect Sales Person / Commercial Contact.

Once received Carrier's confirmation, add the following data from Carriers > Click on DHL Connect logo:

Account Number

Return Account Number

Client Id

Client Secret

User Identification

These data can be directly retrieved by your DHL Sales person.

Bank Name (For COD purpose)

Bank Location

Bank Account Holder



Add these values if you make COD shipment, otherwise just add a “-”

Direct Injection Country (insert here a 2-digit country code, ES, UK, DE etc.)

Direct Injection City

Direct Injection Postcode

Location ID

To be asked to your DHL Sales Person.

Select then the Label Type you're going to employ between:


As well as the Service:

Parcel Connect

Parcel Return Connect

Finally include the Sender Address that you'll need to first add from My Addresses section and your Origin Country in 2 digits format (this information is optional).

You'll also see two other additional options, let's take a look at them!

Doorstep: to enable home delivery

Display Reference Number additional barcode on the label: by enabling this option, you will print an additional barcode on the label. The additional barcode contains the codification of the order number that you import from your sales channel. Be sure to be authorized by DHL before enabling this option.

Use marketplace order number to generate tracking url: by enabling this option the key of the url to track the order is the number that you import from your sales channel

Print Return Label: if you'd like to print Return Labels along with with Shipment Label

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

❓ I'm receiving the error: Unauthorized request

If you receive this error when trying to create a shipment, please contact your DHL sales representative to verify the correctness of your credentials and the status of your account.

❓ I'm receiving the error: Country configuration for [VALUE] is not available in CCC database

In this case, the Direct Injection Country field from Carriers > DHL Connect hasn't been correctly configured. Make sure to select "Edit" and insert it as a 2-digit country code, ES, UK, DE etc.

📌 Note: In case you want to create a return shipment with our APIs with DHLConnect using the Connect Return Service, please notice that this service automatically reverts sender and receiver’s addresses, you will simply have to enter the sender address in the “from_address” section and the recipient address in the “to_address” section exactly like in the outbound shipment, they will be automatically reverted by the service and correctly appear on the label.

❗️ DHLConnect Return International service is only available with PDF labels for carrier's technical reasons

Done! 🎉

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