How "My Addresses" works

Learn how you can enter your Addresses in a few steps

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ShippyPro allows you to have a customizable Address Book to keep a record of all your most important addresses.

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1. Before you start

You may need to save recipient addresses if you ship to a specific address more frequently or if you create Manual Shipments, for example. You can also use this section to collect your customers emails for email marketing purposes like newsletter campaigns. If you use our Return Management Software, it's really useful to save different addresses so you can choose where your customers should return the items.

2. How to Add Addresses

You can add your addresses with Excel or manually.

Add Addresses Manually

  • From Admin > My addresses and parcels > My addresses you can add your addresses manually by clicking on Add an Address on the top left corner of the page.

  • Fill all the required fields inside the window that pops up. (Note that all fields are mandatory except for "Company" and "Street Line 2"). 

  • Remember to select if it's a Recipient or a Sender at the bottom of the window. Click on Save to confirm the address. 

Add Addresses with an Excel File

  • To add your Address Book with an Excel file, download your template by clicking on Download Excel on the right side of the page.  

  • Once downloaded, you need to fill all the required fields. Please note that only "Company", "Street Line 2" and "State/Province" could be left empty.

  • Upload the Excel file again by clicking on Import Excel and your addresses will be automatically imported.  

2. Manage your addresses

Once you uploaded your addresses, you can search for specific addresses, edit or delete them.

Search and Filter  

You can search and filter your addresses by using the Search bar by typing the Recipient or Sender Name, Postcode, Country, email and so on. 

Edit your Address

You can edit your addresses singularly. Just click on Edit on the right side of the page. 

Delete your Address 

You can delete your addresses either singularly or in bulk. To delete one specific address, click on Delete on the right side of the page. You can then delete all your Recipient and Sender Address Book by clicking on the bin icon 🗑.

⚠️ Note that it's not possible to restore the deleted addresses, so make sure you wish to proceed

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