Let's see how you can connect DPD UK to ShippyPro in just few steps. 🔍

To connect DPD UK you need to enter the same credentials from https://www.dpd.co.uk/ in Carriers > Connection > DPDUK Logo.

Select then your service among the ones in the list below:

  • Parcel Next Day

  • Parcel Second Day

  • Classic

  • Express

  • Expresspak

  • Expresspak Next Day

  • Direct

  • Air Classic

Besides the Account data, you'll also see Label Type option, which gives you the possibility you to choose the correct printer between:

  • Citizen Printer

  • Eltron Printer

  • PDF

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

🚨 Possible errors:


The DT1 Incorterm (which is DPD equivalent of the DDP incoterm) is not available in your contract. If you would like to activate it, contact your DPD account manager, as you will require a specific set up.

Done! 🎉

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