Let's see how you can connect Deutsche Post to ShippyPro in just few steps. 🔍

To connect Deutsche Post to ShippyPro you'd need to take into account two categories:

  • "Combinable" services (WarenPost services)

  • Defined services (all the others)

The components to consider for WarenPost services definition are:

  • Parcel dimensions (XS, S, M, L);

📌 Note: is crucial to select the correct dimensions of each parcel while creating the shipment in order to avoid that the service offered doesn't match the actual dimensions of the parcel shipped.

  • Parcel destination (UE or not);

  • Type of service selected inside the connection menu between Warenpost Tracked (0), Warenpost Untracked (1) e Warenpost Signature (2);

  • Whether if Kilotariff option is enabled and parcels dimensions match item's dimensions so to overwrite other services.

eg. XS00 dimensions XS, not EU, Warenpost Tracked (0)

Our system will then provide to assign the corresponding product, while the service level will always be STANDARD.

On the other hand, for all the other services the matching is deployed as following:

Product Name - Product Code - Service Level


Letter Plus - GMR - PRIORITY

Business Mail Standard - GMM - Standard

Business Mail Priority - GMM - Priority

Business Mail Registered - GMR - Registered

Global Mail is available on ShippyPro. It can be found under Deutsche Post Packet Services:

Packet - GMP - Standard

Packet Priority - GMP - Priority

Packet Tracked - GPT - Priority

Packet Plus - GPP - Priority

This said, to proceed with the connection you need to verify:

📌If you don't have WarenPost Service, add your Portokasse Account Number + Username/Password + Select your service from WarenPost Tracked, Untracked or Signature from Carriers > Connection > Click on Deutsche Post Logo and contact us via Chat 💬 to activate API and be ready to go!

Same thing if you manage to use Warenpost International service.

📌If you have WarenPost Service, add your Portokasse Account Number + Username/Password from Carriers > Connection > Click on Deutsche Post Logo and you'll be ready to start shipping!

For Warenpost International service you can retrieve Portokasse credentials from

https://portokasse.deutschepost.de/portokasse/#!/ -> "Passwort vergessen"

You'll also see some further options, let's take a look at them!

  • Label Type gives you the possibility you to choose the correct label format for your printer.

  • Test Mode lets you make some test shipments.

  • Prefer Kilotarif (Warenpost service) to select only if you use Warenpost services.

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

📌Please not that we currently don't support Domestic shipments for this service unless you employ WarenPost V62WP from DHL Parcel.

How do I close my Deutsche Post shipments? 📫

  • Ship your order as always by selecting Deutsche Post within the day and retrieve your shipments' label.

  • Proceed to close all your shipments (it will be enough to close just one shipment and all the others will be closed consequently)

  • ShippyPro will then create the Manifest for your Deutsche Post shipments.

Done! 🎈

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