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How to renew eBay Token
How to renew eBay Token

Are you facing some issues with eBay connection? Try to take a look here!

Updated over a week ago

If you're experiencing some issues with eBay connection, don't panic! 🙌

eBay needs to be renewed periodically, therefore that may be the origin of the issues.

How can I renew it?

Renew your eBay Token will literally take two minutes. 🚀

Go to Marketplace > eBay and then click on Renew Token.

Add your Credentials and you'll be immediately ready to go again!

Keep in mind that orders received after the token expires will not be automatically imported into ShippyPro, even after the Token Renewal.

💡 With eBay Importer, you can force the import of these orders and see if there are any orders you have yet to process. To learn more click here.

Done! 🎈

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