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How to change Carrier service if you have already created the label
How to change Carrier service if you have already created the label

Here's how to ship an order with a different Carrier service

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If you have already created a label for an order but you'd like to ship it with another Carrier or another service of the same Carrier, don't worry! 

You can still do it in a few steps! 🎉

💡On the New Interface, you can click on Edit & Ship again button directly from the Shipped table to change carrier service and generate a new label.

The previous order will be replaced by the new one on the interface, but it will be removed from the Carrier’s server only if your Carrier supports the Void feature

📌 When you elaborate an order from a Marketplace and the green tick of confirmed transmission appears in Shipping Labels section, it will mean that the order has been already updated in the Marketplace.

Each order moved back to To Ship section through the arrow icon on its right will be cancelled and moved to Cancelled Orders.

📌 Shipping notes will be cancelled once the order is moved back to To Ship section.

Let's see how to do it if your Marketplace haven't been updated yet!

How to do it 🔍

  • From Label Creator > Shipping Labels, find the order you'd like to move back in To Ship page.

  • Once you've found it, click on the blue left arrow ⬅️. 

  • The order will be immediately moved back to To Ship page. You can ship it again with another Carrier service.  

💡Note: once shipped again the order it will be generated a new tracking which won't be imported in the Marketplace.

  • The previous label will be deleted but you can still view it from Views > Cancelled Orders. You won't be able to perform any kind of actions.

  • If you set the automatic update of your sale channel with shipment's infos and tracking number, the orders moved back in To Ship again will disappear as soon as the automatic sync starts again (every 10 minutes).

💡Note: Please remember that if you click on the X icon, the order will be put in Views > Cancelled Orders and it won't be possible to ship it again. 

Done! 🎉

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