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How can I cancel my Shipments?
How can I cancel my Shipments?

Discover here how you can simply cancel your shipments

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You may need to cancel your already generated Shipments for any reason.

No problem, this is super easy with ShippyPro! 🙌

From Shipping Labels section just click on the X icon under Action column on the right of the shipment or make our VoidShipment API call.

This way it will be automatically removed from ShippyPro as well as from Carrier's server and, therefore, cancelled.

You can find below a list of the Carriers which supports VoidShipment API call:

GLSItaly, SGT, UPS, FEDEX, DHLParcel, DPDEE, DPDLV, DPDLT, GLSSpain, NEXIVE, GO, USPS, Seur, RoyalMail, P2P, GoldEkspres, Asendia Europe, San Marino Mail, Lietuvos Pastas, Spring XBS.

📌 In case you require to look for it in the future, you'll still be able to find it by searching it with the Order ID through our Global Search.

Would you like to know more about Orders and Shipments Cancellation? Take a look below!

Done! 🎈

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