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Start shipping with ShippyPro
Start shipping with ShippyPro

Learn how to ship your orders, print your labels and shipping documents

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Start shipping your orders with ShippyPro to save time and money so that you can unload your team's workload and focus on the things that matter. ✨


1. Create your account

Start shipping with ShippyPro! Create your account and fill in the required information regarding your business to personalize your experience. Connect your Carrier and insert your Carrier rates, continue by importing your orders by connecting a Marketplace, uploading an Excel file, or inserting them manually. Now, you are good to go!

2. Ship your orders

Access your To Ship section where you can see that all your orders have been imported. All orders coming from all Marketplaces are listed here. It gives you a preview of what has been ordered and in what quantity, the store where the order comes from, and the nation of origin.

  • In order to start shipping, make sure you have connected a Carrier and imported your orders either by connecting a Marketplace, importing a file or by creating it manually.

  • Select the orders you want to ship and click on the Ship Orders button to ship your orders in bulk.

  • ShippyPro automatically compares your carrier rates for you to choose from.

  • Click on Carrier Options to add all the extra options and the relative surcharge.

  • Once you are ready and you have selected all the options click on Ship Orders.

3. Print your labels

Once you have shipped your orders, the platform automatically creates your labels so that you can print them in the selected format. Let's see how:

  • Access the Label Creator page to print your label, select a single order or print all your labels in bulk.

  • You can check the status of the order and see whether your label has been printed already, for example.

  • Go ahead and print all the labels using the dedicated button.

4. Want to know more?

Visit the Label Creator collection inside the Help Center to discover more about all the features and functionalities in detail and use the search bar if you have a specific interest.

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