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How to set up your "Return Form"
How to set up your "Return Form"
Learn how to set up your Return Form in a few steps
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Easy Return is the perfect solution for your Reverse Logistic Challenge

Offer an outstanding experience to your customers with the most advanced Ecommerce Returns Manager!

🔑 Upgrade your plan to Professional to start managing your returns easily. 

ShippyPro allows you to create your Return Form to be embedded on your website or send by email in just one click. 

Let's see how it works! 🔍

- How Return Form works 

Here are all the steps explained one by one!

1. Set up your Return Rules

Before sharing your Return Form with your customers, you need to set your Return Rules. 

Click here to learn how to set up your Return Rules step by step:  

Then, after the set up, click on Easy Return > Return Form. You can either include a simple code on your website or copy a link to send your return form per email.

2. Embed your Return Form with a Code 🔗

To add your Return Form to your website, simply copy and paste the code into your page between the <body><⁄body> tags

The widget will appear wherever you place it. 

On the right side, a draft of the Return Form will be displayed.

You can also Configure a Custom Domain.

Click on Configure a Custom Domain and in the menu that will pop up your Website Name as well as Custom Return Form Domain.

📌 g.e. add yourstore and

Click then on Confirm.

3. Send your Return Form per Email 📩

You can easily send your Return Form per Email to your customers as soon as they ask for a return. 

Just copy and paste the link you'll find here: 

4. Set up additional options ⚙️

Lastly, you can add some additional options to your Return Form.

  • You can decide to include a box that will appear before the customers confirm the return. You can add specific questions or just some information. 

Note: Please note that filling this field is not mandatory for the customer in order to proceed.

  • Then, you can decide whether to show the return address or not when the customer is charged for the shipment. 

  • A bank transfer step can be included if the original order have a COD as payment method.

  • Show proof images basically means that the customer will have an additional mandatory step before proceeding with the request in which they'll need to attach an image of the item to return.

  • Lastly, decide whether to enable or disable the return for free items and exclude some specific items from your catalogue. 


📌 How can I change my Return Form language?

In order to switch to your language you can add the language code inside JS preInputLanguage:

e.g. EN, IT etc.

- How do my customers see my Return Form? 🔍

Here's how your customers will see you Return Form either from your website or with the link sent per email.

Your customers will only need to enter their order number to start the return process and follow the steps for returning the item in a few clicks:

- Where can I find my Returns?

After the set up, you can check the Returned Orders by clicking to Label Creator > Shipping Labels > Views  > My return orders

Here you can find, filter, edit and print labels for all your returns:

Click here to see how Shipping Labels page works:

Done! 🎉

🔍 What's Next?

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