With ShippyPro, you can connect your Marketplaces in a few steps. 

Follow these guidelines to connect WooCommerce and start shipping your orders! 🔍

First of all, WooCommerce

To connect WooCommerce to ShippyPro, you should first enable the option Legacy API from WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API.

📌Please note that Legacy API option needs to be enabled by an Admin account.

Then verify that Webhooks are present and active from WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > WebHooks.

...then ShippyPro

Once enabled, you can proceed from your ShippyPro profile > Marketplaces > click over WooCommerce logo > enter your store URL including http:// - https:// .

You will be then asked to authorize ShippyPro to import and update orders, once confirmed WooCommerce will be connected.

  • If the connection is correctly established, you will receive a positive message. By clicking on To Ship, all your pending orders will be imported and you will be ready to start with ShippyPro!

💡Note: for all the orders received previously the connection to ShippyPro it won't be possible to import product's images and details such as the SKU and the quantity.

Some of your orders haven't been imported yet? Take a look here!

Done! 🎉

🔍 What's Next?

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