Creating a Manual Shipment is really easy and intuitive with ShippyPro.

You may need to add a manual shipment for various reasons. If you receive an order outside your marketplace for example, or if you receive a return and you'd like to create a return label

Let's see how to do this step by step! 🔍

1. How to Create a Manual Shipment

You can create shipment manually from Label Creator > To Ship

  • Click on Create manual shipment on the top right corner of the page to start.

1. Sender Info

In the window that pops up, you'll see Sender Info that should already be compiled with the address you have entered when you first registered. 

If you'd like to change it, you can do it from My Profile > Sender Info

If you'd like to use a different Sender Address instead, you firstly need to add it from Admin > My Addresses and Parcels and then select it from Your Address Book inside Create Manual Shipment

Click then on Next Step to proceed.

2. Recipient Info

To complete the fields with Recipient Info, you can either add the address manually or retrieve it from your Address Book. Click on Next step to proceed to Parcel details.

Note: Please remember that Name, Streetline, City, Post Code, Phone are mandatory fields.

3. Parcels Dimensions

From this section, you can edit the Parcel Dimensions

You'll find predifined dimensions that can easily be customized from Admin > My Addresses and Parcels. This could be useful, for example, if your products have standard dimensions. Click here to learn how to add customized parcels.

If your parcel has different customized dimensions, click on the ➕ sign on the top left to edit them. 

Select then the number of parcels that your shipment contains and then click on Click here to add a parcel:

Please note that the fields Goods Descriptions and Items Value are mandatory fields. 

You can decide then whether to add Insurance, Cash on Delivery and Incoterm.

Click then on Next Step to proceed.

What is Incoterm?

Incoterms are international import and export conditions. These terms define the competences and responsibilities of the parts involved in an international transaction.

The Incoterms field is not mandatory and it will be DAP as default if not edited. For national shipments, you don't need to change it.

, Delivered At Place, the buyer will pay for all customs duties at import in his country.

DDP, Delivered Duty Paid, the vendor pays all custom duties charged at export and import in the country of destination.

EXW, Ex Works, the buyer will bear all shipping costs and custom duties at import and export.

4. International Shipments

ShippyPro offers specific functions for international shipments.

If you're dealing with an international shipment, you'll have to complete some additional information for customs

ShippyPro will automatically create the custom document that will be instantly transmitted to the carrier. 

Firstly, choose the product category. Decide then what to do if the carrier cannot reach the customer.

Lastly, add some other information. Please note that the HS Code is not a mandatory field. However, some carriers may require it for international shipments.

5. Shipping Rate Calculator

ShippyPro automatically compares the shipping rates of all your carriers and choose the best option for you, showing the economic prices first. 

You only need to choose the option that suits you best and then click on Send. 

In a few minutes, labels will be ready to be printed inside the section Shipping Labels.

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