New Experience: How to validate your UPS invoices

Ups invoice validation is not automatic, for this reason you'll need to follow some simple passages to ship your orders correctly.

Don't worry, we're here to guide you step by step! 🙌

You can actually proceed in two different ways:

When creating the Shipment 📤

To have your invoice number added to the invoice created together with the Label, you'll need to add it during Shipment Creation (change with the new link when ready) from To Ship section.

Proceed as usual till the Carrier Rates selection step, then click on Add Options and scroll down to UPS Invoice Number, you can flag it, add the number, and proceed.

Kindly note that UPS does not support ETD, for this reason you should select "Enable paperless" option in connection module from Carriers > Connection > Edit and ask for E-DOC Service activation to your UPS Sales Person.

This way the commercial invoice will be created, transmitted automatically to the Carrier and you will see EDI appearing on the label.