New Experience: How can I add multiple parcels to my Shipments?

Adding multiple parcels to Shipments couldn't be easier than that! ✨

While creating your shipment, go to Parcels and click on + Add Parcel to add your new parcel dimensions.

Registrazione 2024-01-23 2.mp4 [video-to-gif output image]

You can also do this once the shipment has been created, click on the three dots icon on its right and then on Edit and Ship again, you'll be able to display all order's data.

As seen before, click on + Add Parcel and add your new parcel dimensions.

You can also decide whether to choose from your registered packages or include a new customized one in Centimeters or Inch / Kg, g, oz, lbs.

Changes will be automatically saved!

📌 The minimum value allowed is 0,01 for each field, differently the system won't be able to recognize them and will give you an error.

And you're done! 🎈

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