New Experience: How can I add Carrier Options to my shipments?

Here's how you can add some carrier options before shipping your orders

While shipping your orders, you can add shipping options available for your Carrier.


Let's see how it works! 🔍


How to set Carrier Options ⚙️

Before adding carrier options to your orders, you need to set their prices according to your carrier contract.


You need to add your option prices for every carrier, even for carriers that support Live Rating, but you don't need to add prices for options that you don't normally use.

  • Click on Carriers from the menu on the left side of the screen.

  • Click then on Edit prices for each carrier you connected.

  • Add prices for additional options under the section Carrier Options on the left side of the page. You will find your options already added. You only need to enter the price according to your carrier contract:




How to add Carrier Options to your shipments 📦


After setting up their prices, you can add carrier options both for single or bulk shipments, while generating the shipping labels.


Here's how to do it:

  • From Orders > To Ship, select the orders you want to ship, then click on the black button saying "Ship" on the up left side of the screen

  • Check over shipments info and decide which carrier to use to produce the label for every single order selected

  • While checking Carriers' Rates, you can add Carrier Options by clicking on Add Options.

  • Scroll the pop up that will open to select the carrier option/options you'd like to add to your shipments. Shipments cost will be automatically updated once carrier options have been selected.



  • Click then on Generate Labels

  • Labels will be retrievable from the Shipped section.


How can I add a Carrier Service via API? 🔗

You can add a Carrier Service to your Shipping API call by filling CarrierOptions section, as you can see from the example below:

"CarrierOptions": [{

"name": "upshazardousmaterials",

"value": 1


You simply need to add the title of the service in Name field.