How to connect Amazon v2 to ShippyPro

Discover how to connect Amazon step by step

Connect Amazon to ShippyPro and import your orders automatically. Take advantage of one of the biggest Marketplaces in the world. ✨



  1. Connection steps

  2. Additional options

  3. Troubleshooting & Errors

  4. FAQs

1. Connection steps

Let's connect this Marketplace to instantly import your orders so that you can start shipping more effectively.

  • Visit the Marketplaces section and click on the relevant fields.

  • Once the connection popup has opened you can start the connection by selecting the region from the Seller Central Region drop-down menu.

  • From the second drop-down menu that will appear choose your Seller Central Country.

  • Click on Link my Account and insert your usual Amazon login details.

  • You'll be asked to authorize ShippyPro. Once you have done so, finalize the connection.

  • If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.


2. Additional options

You have some other additional options that you can check too, let's take a look!

  • Latest Delivery Date: decide whether to show the latest delivery date or not.

  • Update my Amazon v2 profile with shipped orders tracking numbers and mark as shipped: tick this box to automatically update Amazon with shipment status “Shipped” and tracking number.

Under the section Order importation settings:

  • Order Types Importation: you can select the preferred types of order to be imported on ShippyPro. Select your preferred combination of Business, Consumer, Prime and Premium orders. For each different Amazon v2 connection you create, a different Amazon v2 tab will be shown in your To Ship page and you will be able to manage the workflows independently.



  • Display order type in the notes:

    • Display a tag on Business Orders: by ticking this box, all business orders will be imported into ShippyPro with a yellow note and a "Business" tag. This will help you remind that this order needs an invoice.

    • Display a tag on Premium Orders: tick this box if you'd like your Premium orders to be flagged with a yellow note and a "Premium" tag.

    • Display a tag on Prime Orders: tick this box if you'd like your Prime orders to be flagged with a yellow note and a "Prime" tag.


📌 Remember that Amazon will not receive further updates after the Shipped status, so it won’t be possible to update Amazon with further tracking statuses such as Delivered


📌 By Amazon's request, for GDPR reasons after 30 days we have to proceed to anonymize customer data, therefore you'll no longer be able to display them after that period


💡 If you deal with Amazon Business orders, discover our dedicated workflow here!



3. Troubleshooting & Errors

In case you are facing some issues, please refer to our troubleshooting guide:

How to fix Amazon v2 errors



4. FAQs

How do I know that Amazon is correctly connected?

If the connection is correctly established, you'll receive a positive message telling you that the marketplace was successfully connected.

When and where will my orders be imported?

After Amazon is successfully connected, all your pending orders will be imported with all the order details and product images in Label Creator > To Ship , ready to be shipped in a few clicks.


Obviously, the higher the volume of orders to import, the longer it will take to complete the importation. To avoid long waiting times, the orders will be imported in batches of 80 orders maximum. This feature will allow you to progressively see orders appearing in To Ship, even if you have a big volume of orders to import.


Example: if you have 300 Amazon orders to ship, 80 orders will display on the first import, after 10 minutes we'll import 80 new orders for a total of 160, and so on. The 300 orders will thus be imported within about 30 minutes. There is no need for any further action on your side.


Can I connect my Amazon Seller Central account to more than one ShippyPro profile?

That is not advisable as it might cause discrepancies in the synchronization of orders imported into ShippyPro and in the update of orders on Amazon, once shipped.


What is the default Incoterm on Amazon?

On Amazon, the default Incoterm is always DAP.