How to connect Mondial Relay to ShippyPro

Mondial Relay is the third party courier service leader in Europe, especially in France where it has a wide range of drop off points (Point Relais).


Take full advantage of the extra services offered by the Carrier and discover how you can connect Mondial Relay to ShippyPro.✨



  1. Before you start

  2. Connection steps

  3. Troubleshooting & Errors

1. Before you start

After you have started your contract with Mondial Relay and you have received your Username (Code Enseigne), Password (Clé Privée) and Customer ID (only for Dual Carrier API), get in contact with your sales advisor to request the activation of API on your credentials.

2. Connection steps

Now that you have all the information you can procede connecting your account:

  • Go to Carriers > Mondial Relay Logo.

  • Insert your Username, Password and Customer ID and relative password (if necessary).

  • Insert the the Service type selecting the one you are contracted for, if you have multiple active services you will have to establish a connection for each service.

  • You can now select your Collection Mode (where shipments are picked up):

    • CCC (from the Merchant) - not compatible with the LCC delivery type

    • CDR (single delivery man pickup at home)

    • CDS (special home pickup)

    • REL (Point Relais collection) - must be entered in the ColMode field. It is necessary to use the Send to Point Relais carrier option

  • Choose the Label Type: PDF, PDF 10x15, PDF A5, ZPL, Horizontal A4 PDF with packing slip, Horizontal A4 PDF.

  • Choose the integration type: Normal API, Dual Carrier API (for shipments to Germany and Austria you need to select Dual Carrier API)

  • Finally, name your connection defining an easy-to-spot label for easy retrieval.


3. Troubleshooting & Errors

  • TransactionID must be max 15 digits

    In this case the Order ID employed is too long, to solve the issue you can switch to ShippyPro order number from My Profile > Preferences > Order reference printed on the labels:

  • Error generating labels: Incorrect delivery Point Relais number or the Point Relais is not opened at the moment

    To be able to use a Point Relais service it is necessary to select the "Send to Point Relais" Carrier Option as well; thus, check if both options are active. If after this operation the message still shows, contact your Mondial Relay sales advisor and check if the Point Relay ID is still active.

    Please also make sure that you include the drop-off point number on the request if you ship via Api.

If a point you'd like to ship to isn't shown among Point options, it means that Mondial Relay doesn't allow shipments to that specific point for that particular shipment, therefore you don't see it in ShippyPro. A certain point might not appear for various reasons, for example, if it has a "special" category and is only capable of receiving very small packages.

  • Problème de formatage du XML

    Check whether the transaction ID (marketplace order number) contains any special characters such as #, / etc. If that's the case, delete them and try again to create the shipment / shipping label.

  • Le produit de livraison n'est pas autorisé

    Please check whether the service you're trying to use is enabled in your carrier's contract.


  • Error generating labels: Incorrect phone number

    The phone number format is incorrect. Try deleting the prefix (e.g. +33) and confirm again the order.

  • Le produit Home (HOC) n'accepte pas les points de retrait
    Drop off points carrier option cannot be selected with home delivery services

  • El producto de entrega no se permite

    The selected service is not allowed for the combination of country of origin and destination

  • To check: Error generating labels: Incorrect address (L1) 

    If this error occurs, the character limit allowed by the courier for some of the filled fields may have been exceeded. For example, for both Sender and Recipient, the maximum number of characters allowed for the Name or Address fields is 32 per field.

  • Error generating labels: Incorrect address (L3)

    If this error occurs, the character limit allowed by the courier may have been exceeded. Specifically, this error is in the Sender address 1: it’s too long.

  • Error generating labels: Incorrect Merchant shipment reference

    The Transaction/Marketplace ID is too long, reduce to a maximum of 15 characters.


  • I'm facing issues with telephone number format.

    Take a look at the table below for reference:


  • Why can't I display my Mondial Relay drop off points?

Please keep in mind that Mondial Relay drop off points are only available for the following countries: France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Netherland, Austria and Germany.

Please note that ShippyPro will only display drop off points located no more than 10km from the zip code entered into recipient address.

  • Why are there more delivery points on Modial Relay's website than on Shippypro?

Only the delivery points that are actually available appear on Shippypro, whereas those that are not available (on holiday, saturated, too small, etc.) are also shown on the courier site.

  • Generic error of service system

If you have entered the Carrier Option to ship to a point and you get this error, please check that the carrier has activated the chosen point type (e.g. Locker) for your account.