How to connect DrupalCommerce to ShippyPro

Discover here how to connect DrupalCommerce step by step

Connecting Drupal marketplace to ShippyPro will only take few minutes!
Keep reading to learn how to do it.


First things first: which Drupal version do you have?

We ask you this since, according to which version you're employing, the steps to follow are different. 

Drupal 7

You need to Download and Install ShippyPro module from here.  📥

Click on Tar.gz if you're using MAC or on Zip if you're using Windows.


Then add your Hostname from Marketplaces > DrupalCommerce Logo.

You can also decide to add a personalized name for this connection through Custom Label on the bottom of the menu.

Wait ten minutes circa for the system to upload your orders. 📄

Drupal 8

At the moment ShippyPro Module is not available for this version.


For version 8 of Drupal, you actually need to use the API Call named PutOrder to import your orders from your System to ShippyPro interface, ask your technician to help you with this process! To discover more about it take a look to our API documentation.