How to enable No-Reply Email from Amazon

Here how to enable transaction emails step by step

For an Amazon seller it may be useful to be able to send email notification trough a No-Reply email address.

Keep reading to discover how to do that! 🔎

To enable No-Reply Email from you can follow the steps from this Amazon guide:

Open the support page and contact us to enable the option.

We would like to underline that we can't guarantee Amazon consequences for that, we claim no responsibility for anything that might occur due to email sending. Our customers bear the exclusive responsibility for the use and management of the "Leave a Feedback" function as well as for set-up of the relevant parameters (including but not limited to the number and categories of e-mail recipients) and e-mail content. Therefore we have no responsibility in relation to your, your representatives', employees' and collaborators' and/or third parties' use of this function nor in relation to compliance with the rules of Amazon and/or any other marketplace where you operate.

📌 By authorising our Email Address you takes full responsibility of the communications sent.

In order not to address too many emails to your Amazon Customers we suggest you to disable some of the Conditions from the page Track&Trace >Email Conditions.

💡Note: email notification through ShippyPro is only enabled for text content. For this reason is not possible to add logos or attachments to the messages.