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How to Connect Boxberry v2
How to Connect Boxberry v2
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In this article you will learn how to connect this Carrier to ShippyPro so that you can benefit of its shipments services.


1. Before you start

Before you start, ensure to have all the account credential on hand in order to start connecting this new carrier. What you need is a token that you can create on Boxberry's portal.

2. Connection steps

Please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Carriers and click on Boxberry v2 Logo (simply type "Boxberry" on the search bar to spot it in one sec)

  • Enter the Token you have previously created on Boxberry's portal

Be sure that you avoid inserting spaces when you copy and paste, otherwise you will see the error "Invalid Credentials"

  • Select your service type and label type. Remember to ask your Boxberry Account Manager which services you are allowed to use. If you'd like to add multiple services, you'll need to create a new connection for each one.

3. Troubleshooting & Errors

  • After creation of shipments, remember to close them, in order to send the shipping confirmation to the carrier. This procedure will also generate a Manifest.

  • Please remember to close shipments every day

  • Shipment closure must have 3000 Orders ID maximum for each call, this is also valid for CloseShipments via API

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