With ShippyPro you can automatically send SMS notifications to update your customers at every step of the delivery journey directly on their mobile phones. Give a boost to your open rate to retain them and ask for feedback on their shopping experience. 🚀

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  1. What’s SMS Notifications

  2. How to activate the feature

    1. Conditions

    2. Templates

    3. Analytics

  3. Payments and costs

  4. FAQs

1. What’s SMS Notifications

SMS notifications allow you to keep your customers updated in the most immediate way and notify them of changes in order statuses in 5 different languages according to their country. 🌎

From ShippyPro, you can decide for which tracking statuses your SMS texts will be sent and you can even combine them with email notifications. 💡

2. How to activate the feature

Once this option is enabled, you'll be able to access to Track & Trace > Mobile Notification tab. There you'll see three sections called Conditions, Templates and Analytics.

📌 Before starting: some Carriers provide an SMS option directly, please make sure you unticked the SMS notification option from Carrier > Connection > Edit first to avoid sending double notifications.

Let's unwrap the three sections together!


From this section, you can select the order statuses for which you want to send SMS notifications. By default, any status is selected so that you can choose which to enable or not.

Here below you can find the list of the statuses provided:



Order shipped

An SMS will be sent as soon as the shipping label is created.

Info Received

An SMS will be sent as soon as the carrier confirms that the data about the shipment were received.

In transit

Every time the order is moved from one hub’s Carrier to another.

Out of delivery

The shipment has reached your nearest HUB and will be delivered before the End of the Day


When a package is temporarily delayed, for example: address unknown, damage to shipment, signature not received.

Failed Attempt

The Carrier company tried to deliver but it was not successful.


The shipment was successfully delivered.

Leave Feedback

You can send your clients an SMS asking them to leave feedback.

📌 Some statuses may repeat depending on the type of update the courier communicates to Shippypro (e.g. if there are 2 In Transit status updates, 2 segments will be scaled).


From this section, you can take a look at the current email templates available for your SMS notifications:

You'll also be able to customize the templates for each order status with your own text, adding more specifications, editing the already existing template, and customizing the sender.

Some useful notes to take into consideration:

  1. Sender field: it allows at least 11 characters, spaces included. Special characters are not allowed.

  2. Message body: it allows a maximum of 1600 characters, spaces included). The structure of placeholders needs to remain the same and cannot be changed.

Finally, by clicking on the "Send test message" button, a popup will appear, and once filled with a phone number, it’s possible to send a test message to have a preview of it.



By entering this section you have an overview of the number of SMS notifications sent and the SMS used segments (which is the total number of segments sent, as, depending on the length of the template, more than a single SMS might be needed for each communication, more info in the section "Payments and costs").

3. Payments and costs

A single SMS message supports up to 160 characters, or up to 70 if the message contains one or more Unicode characters (such as emoji or Chinese characters).

However, modern phones and mobile networks support message concatenation, which enables longer messages to be sent. Messages longer than 160 characters are automatically split into parts (called "segments") and then re-assembled when they are received. Message concatenation allows you to send long SMS messages, but this increases your per-message cost because SMS is billed per segment.

Payments will be executed at the end of every month, based on the number of segments sent. As mentioned above, you can have an overview of the number of SMS transactions sent (the total number of segments) in the tab Analytics.

4. FAQs

To which number are SMS messages sent?

SMS messages are sent to the telephone number indicated (if provided) in the order recipient details.

Is it possible to change the recipient's telephone number?

It is also possible to change the recipient's telephone number later, using the specific option Edit in the Shipping Labels section. On the next status change, the new phone number will be used to send the SMS.

In what cases might SMS messages not be sent correctly?

An SMS may not be correctly delivered to the end customer. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • Wrong customer telephone number

  • Customer telephone number not provided

  • Issues with the order status update, so the order status is not correctly updated

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