Let's see how you can connect Asendia to ShippyPro in just few steps. 🔍

As a first thing, you need to access to Carriers > Connection > Asendia Logo and fulfill the fields shown following the indications below:

  • Account Number - Is your CRM ID

  • Username - From your Asendia Shipping account

  • Password - From your Asendia Shipping account

  • Tracking Username - Use your Asendia tracking Username

  • Tracking Password - Use your Asendia tracking Password

  • Product - Choose your product between the ones available:

e-PAQ Standard

e-PAQ Plus

e-PAQ Select

e-PAQ Elite

e-PAQ Domestic Returns

e-PAQ International Returns

  • Format - Choose if you wish for ShippyPro to automatically detect the package format at each Shipment or force a specific Format (B, N, L)

  • Mandatory option choose a mandatory option between:

Customs Prepaid by Retailer > CPPR

Customs Prepaid by Shopper > CPPS

Customs Unpaid/no duties and taxes paid by retailer > CUP

  • Select then your Returns options:

As well as your Insurance service:

Economy (slower service but with tracking)
Require Signature
Personal Delivery (Delivery at home)
PUDO (delivery at Pickup Point)
Mailbox (delivery in the Mailbox)
Dangerous Goods
Custom Option 1 (check if it's needed with your Asendia Account manager)

  • Incoterm Override (default INCOTERM), choose between:


  • Cash on Delivery Override (default COD), choose between:

Force CoD

Force No Cod

  • Enable Manifest to Final Carrier in order to create the manifest directly for the final Carrier and not Asendia manifest.

  • Enable Mailbox Plus Manifest to generate its dedicated manifest.

  • Select your Label Type between:



  • Test mode: flag this option only if you entered Asendia Shipping test credentials

💡 Please note that to ship to the USA you'll need to activate PLD service (personal delivery).

📌 In order to correctly transmit the shipments to the Carrier you can proceed by selecting the orders and clicking on Carriers > Close Shipments.

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

🚨 Error BadRequest Unable to find a matching product/service combination

If you encounter this error message, please contact your Asendia manager as the service that you chose may be wrong.

Done! 🎈

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