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How to connect Asendia to ShippyPro
How to connect Asendia to ShippyPro
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Let's see how you can connect Asendia to ShippyPro in just few steps. 🔍

As a first thing, you need to access to Carriers > Connection > Asendia Logo and fulfill the fields shown following the indications below:

  • Account Number - Is your CRM ID

  • Username - From your Asendia Shipping account

  • Password - From your Asendia Shipping account

  • Tracking Username - Use your Asendia tracking Username

  • Tracking Password - Use your Asendia tracking Password

  • Product - Choose your product between the ones available:

e-PAQ Standard

e-PAQ Plus

e-PAQ Select

e-PAQ Elite

e-PAQ Domestic Returns

e-PAQ International Returns

  • Format - Choose if you wish for ShippyPro to automatically detect the package format at each Shipment or force a specific Format (B, N, L)

  • Mandatory option choose a mandatory option between:

Customs Prepaid by Retailer > CPPR

Customs Prepaid by Shopper > CPPS

Customs Unpaid/no duties and taxes paid by retailer > CUP

  • Select then your Returns options:

As well as your Insurance service:

Economy (slower service but with tracking)
Require Signature
Personal Delivery (Delivery at home)
PUDO (delivery at Pickup Point)
Mailbox (delivery in the Mailbox)
Dangerous Goods
Custom Option 1 (check if it's needed with your Asendia Account manager)

  • Incoterm Override (default INCOTERM), choose between:


  • Cash on Delivery Override (default COD), choose between:

Force CoD

Force No Cod

  • Enable Manifest to Final Carrier in order to create the manifest directly for the final Carrier and not Asendia manifest.

  • Enable Mailbox Plus Manifest to generate its dedicated manifest.

  • Select your Label Type between:



  • Test mode: flag this option only if you entered Asendia Shipping test credentials

💡 Please note that to ship to the USA you'll need to activate PLD service (personal delivery).

📌 In order to correctly transmit the shipments to the Carrier you can proceed by selecting the orders and clicking on Carriers > Close Shipments.

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

🚨 Error BadRequest Unable to find a matching product/service combination

If you encounter this error message, please contact your Asendia manager as the service that you chose may be wrong.

⚠️Asendia requires EAN info to be populated.
This parameter is included when an order is imported into ShippyPro from a marketplace.

If you use APIs and avoid the import from Marketplace, you should use the Put Order API call to give the system the EAN number (that will be contained in the SKU field of the request).

Done! 🎈

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