Connecting ODOO to ShippyPro is actually super easy.

Let's see how! 🔍

⚠️ ShippyPro supports Odoo versions from 8 to 16.

As a first thing you'll need to know that you need an annual Plan subscription to ShippyPro in order to proceed with the connection as it will require the support of our IT team.

Would you like to test the compatibility first? No problem!

Retrieve: Host (IP address or address store containing https://), Database Name, Database Username, Database Password and Section ID, that is to indicate the status of your orders to import.

🔎 Don't you know where to find your Section ID (order status)?

You can find the Section ID you'd like to use inside sale.order.section.

In case of issues you can also get in touch with ODOO Customer Care.

📌 Note: Odoo versions 8-9-10 in the section ID Field of the modal have to insert their Section_ID, while Odoo versions 11-12-13 have to insert their Team_ID

Then reach us via Chat 💬 informing us about the data above, as well as about Odoo's fields where to add CarrierName, Tracking Number and TrackingUrl from sale.order, not stock.picking.

💡 If you don’t have those 3 data, you can create them on ODOO.

Wait for our confirmation to proceed with the annual Plan Subscription and be ready to go!

Copy and paste your data in your ShippyPro account > Marketplaces clicking on ODOO logo.

📌 Note: in case your order's dimensions are 0x0x0, or even if not all dimensions are included, they won't be uploaded on ShippyPro.

Done! 🎈

🔎 What's Next?

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