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How to connect DrupalCommerce to ShippyPro
How to connect DrupalCommerce to ShippyPro

Discover here how to connect DrupalCommerce step by step

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Connecting Drupal marketplace to ShippyPro will only take few minutes! ✨

Keep reading to learn how to do it. 🔎

First things first: which Drupal version do you have?

We ask you this since, according to which version you're employing, the steps to follow are different. 

Drupal 7

You need to Download and Install ShippyPro module from here.  📥

📌 Click on Tar.gz if you're using MAC or on Zip if you're using Windows.


Then add your Hostname from Marketplaces > DrupalCommerce Logo.


You can also decide to add a personalized name for this connection through Custom Label on the bottom of the menu.

Wait ten minutes circa for the system to upload your orders. 📄

Drupal 8

At the moment ShippyPro Module is not available for this version.

For version 8 of Drupal, you actually need to use the API Call named PutOrder to import your orders from your System to ShippyPro interface, ask your technician to help you with this process! 🙌

To discover more about it take a look to our API documentation.

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