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How to create a Return Label
How to create a Return Label

Here's how to create Return Labels

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ShippyPro, besides helping you with shipments creation, allows you to create Return Labels for your shipments. 

Did you know that? In case not, ShippyPro also supply you with an advanced Returns Management Software to easily manage all your returns requests directly from one dashboard and create a customized Return Portal.

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If you're not interesting in upgrading your plan with Easy Return, here's how you can create a Shipping Labels manually in a few steps 🔍

1. Create a Manual Shipment

Click on Label Creator > To Ship and then on Create a Manual Shipment on the top right corner of the page.

2. Select the order 

You can then search for the order that has to be returned either by customer's surname or name or order ID.

3. Click on the blue icon 

After finding the order and its data, click on the blue arrow ⬅️ that appears next to the search bar. Be sure that it turns yellow 🟡

As a result, the recipient will be automatically inverted into sender. Click on Next Step to continue.


4. Parcels Dimensions

The parcels dimensions will be automatically filled with the data. However, you can still edit them and add parcels. 

Remember to fill the Description and the Value if the shipment is international

Click on Next Step and proceed with the selection of carriers rates. Click then on Send and the label will be ready to be printed inside the section Shipping Labels in a few minutes. 

📌 Are your return labels coming out automatically when creating a standard shipment?

In this case it means that Print Return Label option has been enabled.

E.g. from DHL Express connection menu:

You can disable it whenever you want from Carriers > Connection > Edit.

Discover here if your Carrier supports Returns!

Done! 🎉

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