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Connect a Marketplace & import your orders
Connect a Marketplace & import your orders

Learn how to connect your Marketplaces in this step-by-step article

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Connect your Marketplace or import your orders by adding a file or inserting them manually following this step-by-step article. ✨

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1. Before you start

Import your orders so you can start shipping straight away. Connect your Marketplace or import your orders by uploading a file or by inserting them manually. Make sure to provide all your ecommerce information for the connection process as each Marketplace requires its own details.

2. Connect your Marketplaces

Visit the Marketplace section of the platform and check out the list of all available store integrations. Choose your Marketplace and insert the relevant details asked in the popup. Some of the available Marketplaces will ask you to log into your personal account.

You can check if your store has been successfully connected by checking if the connection status box is green. If it's red instead, you should check your login credentials again. Once you have connected the Marketplace to your ShippyPro account, click on the Edit button to update the information you have already provided (your connection label for example).

You can disable or delete your Marketplace by clicking on the relevant yellow and red buttons directly from the connection page. Remember that you don’t have to cancel the connections to create new ones for another or the same store with different credentials.

3. Other ways to import your orders

Insert your order manually

In order to successfully create a shipment manually make sure you have all the required information. Click on the create shipment button and click on New Manual Shipment to add all the necessary details. This will allow you to manually add all the orders that are not processed through a specific channel or an Excel file.

Upload an Excel file

If your order list is a csv, .xls, .xlsx file, you can directly import it on the platform. Download the Sample File to make sure you have all the necessary details regarding the order so you know there won’t be any mistakes when attempting a shipment.

4. Set Marketplace rules

With ShippyPro you can choose to enable orders coming only from specific countries and exclude others.

  • By clicking on the Set Marketplace Rules button specify the specific geographic areas (like Europe, USA, Canada, or the whole world) you want to activate for each store you have connected.

  • If you wish to exclude certain countries click on the x next to their name to cancel them. Orders coming from those countries will not be imported into the ShippyPro platform.

  • You can add multiple rules for each store after you have saved the previous one.

5. FAQs

Can you help me set up my account?

From Admin > Plan page you can select some Additional Options to fasten even more your setup process, including a Marketplace connection so that you won't have to do it yourself! Choose Store Connection to request support.

Can I add another Marketplace of the same platform?

Yes, you can! To connect other marketplaces of the same platform (for example, another eBay store) it's not necessary to modify the first one. You can simply add a new store, by clicking again on the relative icon on the left side of the Marketplace page.

Why do I see the wrong image for my items?

In case you have different products, you'd need that each product has a different SKU: otherwise, in case of repeated SKUs and different images, only the first image will be displayed for each one. To sum up, just remind to follow this super understandable rule:

1 SKU = 1 Image.

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