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How to manage "My Feedback"
How to manage "My Feedback"

Here's how you can manage your Feedback step by step

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Manage your Feedback has never been easier with ShippyPro! ✨

ShippyPro will automatically show your customers Reviews with the relative order data, so that you can have everything under control! 

Let's see how it works step by step! 🔍

1. How to enable Feedback

You can manage your Feedback here: Track and Trace > My Feedback.

In order to let your customers leave Feedback, you firstly need to enable the automatic sending of Email Notifications for the status Leave Feedback once the shipment has been delivered. 

From Track and Trace > Email Condition, you need to enable the automatic sending of emails for the last condition:

Once you enabled Leave Feedback, your customers will be able to review both ShippyPro and the Carrier.

Click here to learn more about Email Condition:

📌If you have integrated Ebay, ShippyPro will automatically import reviews that your customers leave directly on the Marketplace.

2. How it works

On the Dashboard, you'll find a quick recap of all your feedback with the average rate ⭐️:

You can filter the reviews by Name, Date or Address by clicking on the search bar on the right side of the page.

Here is a small preview of how it will look like. Click on View to read the entire Review. 📝


💡Note: due to our policies, feedback can't be edited and/or be removed except for some very specific cases that we'll evaluate from time to time, so in general if a customer would like to change it he/she will need to leave a new one.

Did you know that you can show your Feedback to your customers with a Custom Domain or a Widget? Click below to discover how!

Done! 🎉

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