ShippyPro allows you to customize the Tracking Emails that are automatically sent to your customers as soon as a new shipment status is received. 

You can either customize the content or add some marketing tools, such as a banner or a footer so to make tracking emails an efficient instrument for boosting your customer retention. ✨

Customizing every template will be easy and quick since you don't have to start from scratch with our ready to send templates.

Let's see how you can customize your email templates according to your needs step by step! 🔎

👉 Please note that the following configurations won't be available from Amazon AMF since images and hyperlink are not supported by the Carrier.

1. How to customize templates by Marketplace and Carrier 🌎

📌 Note: You can choose the Status for which your customers will be notified. Read this article to find out more about Email Conditions:

Also, you'll be able to customize your Email Templates per Language, Marketplace and Carrier from Email Templates page.

ShippyPro provides already translated Email Templates in 8 languages that will be sent according to the Country of Destination, as for example: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch. 


  • If you remove the tick from Marketplace and Carrier, the Template will be customized for every Marketplace and Carrier connected. 

  • You can set your own logo to customize Tracking Emails. You can upload only .jpg and .png file with a max dimension of 250 x 250 px. 


2. How to edit the content ✏️

On the right side of the page, you can edit the content of your Tracking Emails, add a banner or a footer.

Every change you make on the editor will be instantly displayed on the preview on the left side. 🔍

Here are all the different shipment status you can edit the email for. Click on each status to customize the assigned templates.


  • From this section, you can decide to show your logo inside the tracking email or use a placeholder that will be replaced automatically with the respective values for each order.

💡Note: Please note that emojis are not supported from ShippyPro. We're sorry! 😶

Then, you'll be able to customize:

  • Subject of the Email

  • Sender Name 

  • Title of the Email

  • Message 

  • Additional text



Clicking on Design you can choose if you want to include the order number in your Email:

Order Summary

In this section, it is possible to customize Order Summary settings, Shipping Details and Shipping Address

You can even decide to include the following elements, such like:

  • Items Pictures

  • Items Price

  • Order Total

  • Shipping Price

    📌 Note: Items Price and Shipping Price are not summed in the Order Total.
    Order Total corresponds to the Items Price at the end of the email and Shipping Price corresponds only to the cost of the shipment.

but also:

  • Tracking Number

  • Sent Date

  • Shipping Address From

  • Shipping Address To

Here you have the possibility to create and include a customized banner in three easy steps. Simply add banner link, the text and image address:

📌 Dropbox or GDrive links are not supported, please add one from your production website.

You can also link your Social Networks inside the footer. Try and connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus or even Pinterest account.

You just need to paste your Homepage URL and some content if you like.

Here's how the footer will look like:


If you're currently editing Email Template for Leave Feedback, you can also redirect your clients to a Custom Feedback Page, like Trustpilot, for example. 

In order to do so, click on Feedback editing section and enable Use Custom Feedback page. Lastly, insert the URL below.

Would you like to know how you can manage My Feedback with a Custom Domain or a Widget? Click below!

Your customers will then be able to display feedback directly from your website review section. 

If you don't have one, your customers will automatically be redirected to ShippyPro Feedback page. 

Discover here how to manage your Feedback with ShippyPro Feedback Page:

📌 Note: every edit will be applied starting from the next emails.

3. How will my Tracking Emails look like? 🔍

When you're done editing your Email Template, you can send a test email to yourself in order to view how your customers will receive your Tracking Updates

You just need to click on Send Test Email and enter your email.

📌 Please note: for your test emails the subject will be displayed as ShippyPro Tracking Email Test. Don't worry! The actual tracking emails will have the correct title.

ShippyPro allows you to easily view your emails also from Mobile and Desktop. So you make sure that they'll be optimized both for Desktop and Mobile Devices.

Done! 🎉


🔍 What's Next?

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