You've just tried shipping one of your orders but the tariffs shown do not correspond to the negotiated rates from your contract.

What to do now? 

Here are some tips that might help! 🔍

📌 Tip 1

If the order is shipped with DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT, try and make a quotation for the same shipment in your Carrier account. Enter the same data as in ShippyPro (sender, recipient, parcels weight and dimensions).

Then check if services and prices match with the one shown inside your ShippyPro profile.

  • If rates do not match, please try to disable the option Show tariffs with no VAT rates from My Profile > Preferences > Carriers preferences.

📌 Tip 2

If the carrier doesn't have a live rating system, please check the price list that you set for that specific carrier from Carriers > Connections > Edit prices.

  • From the menu on the top left, you can select the zone. Match then weight ranges and prices in order to calculate the exact rate.

  • Check also the right column with all additional options like surcharges and VAT:

Your carriers prices are still wrong?

Don't panic! 

Contact us in chat or write an email to [email protected]

Done!  🎉

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