Once the label is ready in Shipping Labels page you can print it singularly or in bulk.

Print Single label

Once the label is ready, you will find a violet icon on the column Documentation.

If you click on the icon it will open the label in a new tab.

Then it will show up a green printer icon. If you move your mouse pointer on the printer green icon, it will show date and time when the label was opened last time.

Print Multiple labels

You should first select all orders with the tick on the top left in page Shipping Labels.

Then click on Print > Print Multiple Labels.

A new tab will open on the browser with all labels to be printed directly.

Print Multiple Labels option is needed to print all additional documents selected from Profile > Print Preferences > PDF

–          Print items card after labels

–          Print address card after labels

–          Print packing slip after labels

–          Print order summary after labels

–          Print invoices after labels
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