PrintNode is a fast cloud printing service that supports all printers. Using PrintNode will allow you to print your shipping labels as soon as you generate them.

You can also set several printers and assign a printer for each carrier connected. There is also the possibility to connect a USB scale to weight your parcels simultaneously.

Let's see how it works! 🎉

Create a PrintNode Account  🔓

PrintNode costs 9$ for 5000 prints. Here you can create an account to start printing from several printers.

Open PrintNode on your PC or Mac. 🖥

You need to have Printnode opened on your device in order to set it up on ShippyPro.

Connect your Account 🔗

Once you signed up to PrintNode and have opened it, you can connect your account from Integrations > Plugin

You'll then need to create an API Key inside your PrintNode Account. Once created, copy and paste it inside the pop up. 

You can then choose to add some additional options. Click on Confirm to connect your App. 


Select the printer 🖨

After you've correctly connected your Account, click on Edit to add printing preferences: 

Here you can choose the printer you'd like to print your shipping labels with for each carrier: 

Done! 🎉

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