New Experience: I've archived an order by mistake, where can I find it and how can I unarchive it?

Here's how to retrieve an archived order and unarchive it

First of all, don't panic! We have the perfect solution for you! ✨

All your archived orders will be collected in Orders > More > Archived.

You can decide whether to unarchive orders singularly or in bulk; in any case, the procedure to follow is the exact same:

  • Select the order you want to unarchive

  • Click on the black button saying "Unarchive" on the top left side of the screen

  • You'll find once again those orders inside the Orders > Shipped section.

Here's a useful article to learn how to archive and unarchive your orders in details:

"add hyperlink with banner that leads to article titled Archive and Unarchive your orders"

Done! 🎉