New Experience: How to re-elaborate a Shipment

Have you created a Shipping Label by mistake or do you need to change some order info?

No problem! 🙌

You can edit the data in the order to change some info in a few clicks!

Let's see how! ✨

How to do it ⚙️

From Shipped Orders > in the right corner click on the three dots ... and select Edit and Ship again under the column Settings to edit some order info:

From the window that pops up, you can edit parcel dimensions, sender info, recipient info and manage order details and documents. You may also select a new carrier or a shipping service from Shipping Rates section.

Print the label again 🖨

Please note that if you change some order info, the shipping label will be automatically updated. This means that it needs to be printed out again.

Done! 🎉