New Experience: How to Close Work Day (Close shipments)

For some carriers is necessary to do the Close Work Day.


ShippyPro allows you to do this directly from the dashboard where you ship your orders in a few clicks!


Before proceeding, here's a list of the Carriers that support this function: BARTOLINI, BRT, GLSItaly, Spring, Asendia Europe, GLSEurope, GO, SwissPost, Royal Mail, Lettre Suivie, Deutsche Post. I recommend you go to the Help article of each individual carrier for more details.


We're now ready to start, let's see how Close Work Day! 🔎


Set Manual or Automatic Close Work Day

From Carriers, you can set your Close Work Day automatic or manual.


  • You can set this option when you first connect the carrier. To edit this later, click on Edit next to the carrier logo under Action, on the left side of the page.

  • Scroll down until you find Close Work Day and decide whether to manually transmit it or not:



How to close Work Day manually

  • From Label Creator > Orders > Shipped, select one or more orders, and then the button Close work day or Close work day GLS Italy for GLS Italy orders will show up:


Click then on the button(s) to transmit the shipment(s).

📌 Note: Please note that once transmitted, the shipment can’t be edited or cancelled, or transmitted again.


💡 You can filter orders that are to be transmitted to the carrier by clicking on Not transmitted to Carrier: