New Experience: How to edit labels once already created

Learn how to change Shipment info without making a new one

In case you need to print a label again with new shipping information, you can easily edit the shipment from the Shipped section.

Let's see how! 🔍

To update shipment info, you can click on the three-dot icon on the right of the order and then on the pencil icon ✏️. This way, the edit order tab will appear and you can add there the new data. Once done, just confirm and a new label containing the updated info will be generated automatically.


Registrazione 2024-01-23 103054.mp4 [video-to-gif output image]

If you need to change the Carrier employed instead, make sure that your marketplace presents the yellow dot 🟡 over it - which means that the tracking number hasn't already been transmitted - so that you can edit the shipment information.

In case the marketplace presents the green dot 🟢 - which means that the tracking number has been transmitted to the marketplace - you need to edit the shipped order both in ShippyPro and on the marketplace, as the information won't be updated automatically.

The previous order will be replaced by the new one on the interface, but it will be removed from the Carrier’s server only if your Carrier supports the Void feature.

Well done, your labels are ready to be printed again! 🖨️