How to signup with UPS

With an integrated service portfolio in more than 220 countries and territories, UPS’s smart global logistics network offers you the ability to reliably reach your customers around the world.

Do you want to ship with UPS, but haven’t signed up yet? Now you can do it directly from your Shippypro account!

By signing up with UPS through ShippyPro, you can enjoy special UPS rates at competitive prices. You can ship from anywhere in the world to any destination.


Sample Rate

UPS offers reliable service that can help you balance speed and cost. Below are sample rates for small packages (0.5 kg) originating in Italy and France.



1. How to start


Go into the Carriers section, click on UPSv2, select your country and then click on "Create a UPS account":

You will be redirected to the UPS website where you can create your account. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Click on Sign up and enter your data

  2. Scroll down the Terms and Conditions and accept them

  3. Enter the Verification Code you received by email

  4. Select "Business"

  5. Add your features: we suggest you to select Get Your Personal Discount or you can leave it for later.

  6. Open a UPS Shipping Account: enter your company details and type of business here

  7. Account verification: fill in your company details and enter a VAT number or a credit card to verify your identity. There will be no charge.

  8. Once the verification is completed you will get a success message with a UPS account number, ensure to save that number as you will need it for the following steps.


Now go back to Carriers on Shippypro, click on UPSv2 and then on "Yes, I do":


Enter your email and password...


... and you will be redirected back to Shippypro. Now just enter your Account Number (mandatory) and all the other options and you can start shipping!

Check our UPS connection guide for more information.

Our integration will provide you live rating for your shipments while to have an overall vision of each shipping cost, please add the Carrier Options rates by clicking on edit prices.


2. FAQs


Can I start shipping immediately?

Absolutely! Once you complete the registration, the connection with your UPS account number will be automatically created.

How will the payment be processed?

The payment will be managed by UPS. During the registration process, you will be asked for your billing details, and the courier will take care of everything. However, you can consult the terms and conditions during the guided process to clarify any doubts.

Who will assist me in case of problems?

Once registered, you will be a UPS customer and can take advantage of their excellent customer service for any doubts. You can login into your UPS profile and reach the customer assistance for any inquiry related to shipments prices or account creation issue.


For any queries related to UPS services (additional services, rates, etc.) please contact your UPS customer service, as Shippypro is not a tariff reseller and is not aware of your conditions of service related to your shipments.