How to connect Wora to ShippyPro

Wora offers same-day delivery services dedicated to retailers and e-commerce.

In this article you will learn how to connect this Carrier to ShippyPro so that you can take advantage of Wora same-day deliveries in Italy.

1. Before you start

To connect Wora to ShippyPro you'd need to write to in order to retrieve the Username, Store Name, Account Name as well as the Access Key required for the connection.

2. Connection steps

Once you have retrieved all the information you can proceed to connect the Carrier:

  • Navigate to Carriers > click on Wora Logo.

  • Insert the Username, Store Name, Account Name and the Access Key.

  • Pick your Service:

    • Same day

    • Wora same day


Enable the Test Mode if you'd like to make some test shipments. Please keep in mind that this option should be flagged only if you have test credentials, not production credentials!