Amazon switch to the new version (v2)

On the 1st August 2022, Amazon shut down all connections for the old version of Amazon FBA, AMF and Amazon Marketplace. If you are still using these connections (the ones without the “v2” suffix) you could receive errors or not see orders imported.


💡 The solution to fix this is to switch to the new version of the connector (AMF v2, FBA v2, Amazon (Marketplace) v2). As of 9th August 2022 this step is mandatory.



Here are the full guides on how to connect them:


Will the orders already imported with the old connection be updated?

No, the old connection is entirely dismissed, so orders imported and shipped with the old connection will not be updated.


The orders already shipped with the old connection are now imported again and they show a spinning hourglass ⏳ on ShippyPro

In this case, you'll need to update the orders manually on Amazon and mark them as shipped. Alternatively, you can delete the already processed shipments (which were created with the old connection) by clicking on the "x" next to the shipped order. In this case, you'll be able to process them and create the labels again once the orders are imported from the new Amazon V2 connection.

I have connected AMFv2 but cannot ship with my Courier via AMF, what should I do?

AMF/FBA: If rates are not shown and the error that appears is similar to "Terms and conditions not accepted for XYZ carrier", please check that you have accepted the API Terms and Conditions on your Amazon Seller Central.

I cannot print my labels with AMFv2 because they are in the wrong format, what can I do?

AMF: Amazon returns an incorrect label format. We have an open ticket with Amazon and are working internally to solve the problem.

I am not receiving the label from AMFv2 and the error message from the API Ship call is as follows: 28585984-95d3-4bdd-a414-eb16663a502b (or similar)

This error means that the courier rates are out of date for the order, and you have to process it again to get the updated rates

I have successfully connected AMFv2 but I can't get to the carrier rates section during the shipment creation process. I only see the ShippyPro logo running?

AMF/FBA: If the carrier rates are not displayed and all you see is the ShippyPro logo spinning, go back to step 1 and check for special characters in the address, name, item description, and any additional fields. Characters to avoid include: ! " % & / ( )