How to connect Kerry Logistics to ShippyPro

Kerry Logistics is an Asia-based global solution that has positioned itself as a leader among Asia's emerging market areas. Discover how to connect this Carrier and get ready to expand your horizons.




  1. Before you start

  2. Connection steps

1. Before you start

Before connecting Kerry Logistics to ShippyPro, you will have to become a Kerry Logistics account user by following the website registration process:

  1. Download Kerry Express account registration form.

  2. Fill in the form, confirm and print it.

  3. Reconfirm all information filled in the registration form.

  4. Sign on the "Kerry Express account registration form".

  5. Fax the finished "Account Opening Application Form" together with a valid Business Registration to (Domestic) 2959 3589 or (International) 2782 3960 to open an account in Kerry Express.


Important: to successfully connect the carrier account on ShippyPro, you have to contact our support team in order for us to then ask Kerry to whitelist ShippyPro's production IP address - - for the specific Customer Number.


2. Connection steps

Now that you have registered to the website and obtained the information you need, you are ready to connect this Carrier to ShippyPro and start shipping to Hong Kong right away.

  • Click on Carriers > select the Kerry Logistics logo.

  • Insert your Username and Password.

  • Insert your Storer Code and Tracking Prefix.

  • After you have inserted these information you can decide if you want to test the platform and the service by activating Test Mode. Remember that you'll need test credentials to take advantage of this service.

  • Enter a Custom Label to distinguish this connection from the other ones.