How to connect Hermes Germany v2 to ShippyPro

Connect your Hermes Deutschland v2 account to ShippyPro requires only a few steps!



1. Before you start

To connect Hermes DE v2 you should ask Hermes your credentials by specifying that you'll use the integration with ShippyPro.


2. Connection steps

Then from Carriers > click on Hermes DE v2 logo and simply insert the username and password given.

If you have test credentials, add a flag on Test mode option.


Kindly note that in order to make return and COD shipments, you should ask your Hermes contact to enable your account as some adjustments are required.


If you don't receive tracking updates for HermesDEv2 shipments, ask your Hermes contact to add permissions on your account to access their Shipment status endpoint.