How to connect DHL eCommerce Solutions America to ShippyPro

Let's see how you can connect DHL eCommerce Solutions America to ShippyPro in just a few steps.


We are currently integrated with version 4 of DHL eCommerce America API.



  1. Connection steps

  2. Supported services

  3. Errors & Troubleshooting 

1. Connection steps


In order to connect DHL eCommerce Solutions America, input the following data from Carriers > DHL eCommerce Solutions America logo:

  • Client ID: your Username

  • Client Secret: your Password

  • Pickup Account Number: you will receive this info after the on-boarding with your DHL eCommerce Solutions sales and customer implementation team


  • Distribution Center: select the distribution center where your packages are going to be lodged after the pickup.
    Requires a valid US distribution Center Code.​

  • Service and Label Type
  • As last step, enable Test Mode if you'd like to use your Test Credentials:


If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

2. Supported services


These are the Service offered by DHL:

  • DHL Parcel Expedited
  • DHL Parcel Expedited Max
  • DHL Parcel Ground
  • DHL BPM Expedited
  • DHL BPM Ground
  • DHL Parcel International Direct
  • DHL Parcel International Standard
  • DHL Packet International
  • DHL Parcel International Direct Priority
  • DHL Parcel International Direct Standard


Kindly note that in order to print the return labels you'll need to create a new connection for DHL eCommerce Solutions America selecting one of the following services:

  • DHL SmartMail Parcel Return Ground

  • DHL SmartMail Parcel Return Plus

  • DHL SmartMail Parcel Return Light


3. Errors & Troubleshooting 


Error: {"type":"","title":"Static Validation Failed","invalidParams":[{"name":"companyName","path":"/shipperAddress/companyName","reason":"expected maxLength: 30

The carrier has a limit of 30 characters for Name & Company fields