How to connect ChronoPost to ShippyPro

In this guide you will learn how to connect ChronoPost to ShippyPro: member of the La Poste group, ChronoPost provides express shipping and delivery service both in France and internationally. ✨



  1. Before you start

  2. Connection steps

  3. Troubleshooting & Errors

1. Before you start

Before you start connecting this Carrier, make sure you have contacted your sales advisor to obtain your Carrier credentials.

2. Connection steps

After you have obtained your credentials from your sales advisor, follow this step by step guide and connect your Carrier:

  • Visit Carriers and click on the ChronoPost logo.

  • Add your username and password:
    - Identifier: this is your Chronopost contract number
    - Password: "999999" (6 digits) It is necessary to contact your Chronopost person or Chronopost Technical Support at 0825 885 866 so that they can provide you with a password dedicated to Webservices.


    📌 ChronoPost will only accept French sender info.


  • Pick your Service and Label Type.

  • Decide whether to Prefer horizontal labels when available.

4. Troubleshooting & Errors

"Error: SA step has no result for this input data"

If you get this error, it means the service you're using is not correct. If it's an overseas shipment, keep in mind you should always use Chrono Express service.