How to connect Asendia Europe to ShippyPro

Learn how to connect Asendia Europe to ShippyPro in just a few steps

Let's see how you can connect Asendia to ShippyPro in just few steps.



  1. Connection steps

  2. Supported services

  3. Additional options

1. Connection steps

As a first thing, you need to access to Carriers > Asendia Logo and fulfill the fields shown following the indications below.

2. Supported services

Choose your service between the ones available:

    • Premium L

    • ​Premium N

    • Premium B

    • Fully Tracked N

    • Fully Tracked B

    • Standard N

    • Standard B

    • Domestic Returns

    • International Returns

    • Tracked Goods


Delivery Service: select your Delivery service among the following ones:

    • Personal Delivery

    • Pick-up point

    • Mailbox Delivery

    • Mailbox PLUS

    • Economy

    • Priority

    • Express

    • Prepaid Return

    • Partly Paid Return

  • Select your Insurance Service or choose No insurance service if you don't have one.

3. Additional options

Select then the following preferences:

  • Label Type, choose the label format you prefer between:

    • A6

    • A4

    • A6 ZPL

  • Integration Type, choose between:

    • Use P12 Certificate

    • Use Asendia Shipping

  • Customs service, choose between:

    • No Customs Service

    • Custom Prepaid

    • Custom Unpaid

  • Additional services, choose between:

    • Printed Matter

    • Priority

    • PO Box

  • Return Label, choose between:

    • No return Label

    • Return Label Domestic + Prepaid

    • Return Label Domestic + Partly Paid

    • Return Label International + Prepaid

    • Return Label International + Partly Paid


  • Later on, enter these pieces of information:

    Asendia Shipping Username - From your Asendia Shipping account*

    Asendia Shipping Password - From your Asendia Shipping account

    Asendia Shipping Account Number - Is your CRM ID

    Asendia Tracking Username - Use your Asendia tracking Username

    Asendia Tracking Password - Use your Asendia tracking Password


  • Tick over Manifest to final Carrier if you want to create the manifest directly for the final Carrier and not Asendia manifest.
  • If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.