Which label format should I choose for my shipments?

Understand how label formats work and choose the best option for your business.✨



  1. Dimensions and formats

  2. Margins

1. Dimensions & Formats

Label format must be changed from Carriers > Edit > Save. The most important thing to keep in mind is that each Carrier has its own label dimensions, which mainly are:


  • A4 PDF

  • A6 PDF 10x15 cm / 4x6 inches

  • A6 ZPL 10x15 cm / 4x6 inches (ZPL can be printed thermal printers)

  • A6 EPL 4x6 inches (EPL cannot be transformed in PDF)


Once the format is changed, the new preferences will be applied starting from new labels, the labels created previously the edit will keep the previous format. If you want, you can edit them by clicking on the pencil icon from Shipping Labels and save to get a new label, as well as a new tracking, in the updated format.

  • The options from My Profile > Printing Preferences > General printing settings are mainly useful to Print ZPL in PDF.


  • SDA are 10x12 cm / 4x5 inches.

  • GLS Italy are 10x10 cm / 4x4 inches.

  • DPDUK are only ZPL.

  • MyDHL:

    • if you have inserted ZPL 10x20 during the connection process, go to My Profile > General Printing Settings and change your settings ZPL YES and 4x8 inches,

    • if you have inserted 10x15, go to My Profile > General Printing Settings and click on ZPL YES and 4x6.

2. Margins

Here how you can fix your labels margins:



Try to download the PDF and open it on Adobe, then print from there.

  • If the issue is solved, it was due to the browser, we suggest you to change Browser or check settings.

  • If the issue is not solved, the reason may be on printer settings, we suggest you to check from Control Panel > Printers > Printer settings /Preferences on Windows.

  • Apply changes and restart the printer, print again from Adobe or from browser.


  • Labels' margin can be adjusted from Control Panel > Printers > Printer Settings > Preferences on Windows.

  • Also check Zebra Set up utilities (printer drivers) > print preferences > Edit > Check margins.

  • Apply changes and restart printer, print again from ShippyPro > Print > Print on zebra.