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Connect Landmark Global to ShippyPro
Connect Landmark Global to ShippyPro
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Landmark Global is an expert in transporting, clearing, and delivering ecommerce products directly to customers all over the world.

In this article you will learn how to connect this Carrier to ShippyPro so that you can benefit of its international shipments services and dropoff points.


1. Before you start

In order to connect Landmark you must be provided with Username, Password, Client ID and Account Number of your Landmark Global account

2. Connect Landmark Global to ShippyPro

Once you have retrieved all the information necessary you can proceed to connect the Carrier:

  • Navigate to Carriers > Connection and click on Landmark Logo.

  • Insert the Username, Password, Client ID and Account Number.

  • Insert the Region that links shipments to a Landmark facility combination

  • Choose the service among the ones listed

  • Commercial Shipments (B2B) can be enabled just after courier approval

Note: Region value is optional and you should put this value if agreed with the courier.

Carrier Services

The Carrier services can be chosen from the available services during the shipment creation process as they are transferred directly through API.

Service Code

Service Name

Service Particularities (if present)


MaxiPak Scan DDP


MaxiPak Scan DDU


MaxiPak PUDO


Bpack Returns

domestic for BE

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