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How Print OrderBySKU works
How Print OrderBySKU works

Discover how to print an order searching for an item SKU for 170+ Carriers with the same API call.

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💡 With this Method you can:

  • Print order labels specifying an item SKU with a ShippyPro connected printer


Before you start

Please note that orders in ShippyPro have internal ShippyPro OrderID. You must use this value to archive your orders with this Method.
You can find your order number in the order TransactionID field.

How it works

This Method allows you to print an order with a ShippyPro connected printer searching for an item SKU in your orders.

In order to print a label you should know the printer ID with GetPrinters API Method.

PrintOrderBySKU API reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of PrintOrderBySKU API request and response.

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