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How MarkOrdersAsPrinted API works
How MarkOrdersAsPrinted API works

Discover how to mark an order as printed for all your Carriers with one API call

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This Method is a Premium API and allows you to mark orders as printed so that the registration date and time values are calculated, for 170+ Carriers with the same API call.

💡 With this Method you can:

  • Mark orders as printed

  • Mark orders as printed and processable from your Cron Job


Before you start

Please note that orders in ShippyPro have an internal ShippyPro OrderID. You must use this value to retrieve your orders with this Method. You can find your order number in the TransactionID field.

How it works

Printing labels using an API integration doesn't tell you if an order has really been printed on your printer.

So, if you use Cron Jobs that acts on printed orders, eg. Archive Orders or Updated Orders, you need to mark them as printed, to make them processable by Cron Jobs.

Anyway Cron Jobs will process orders marked as printed based on their own schedule that you specify in the ShippyPro Cron Job section.

If you need more info on how Cron Jobs works, please check our Cron Jobs help guide.

MarkOrderAsPrinted API reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of MarkOrderAsPrinted API request and response.

For a custom quotation to access these features please contact us!

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