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How TrackingUpdate Webhook works
How TrackingUpdate Webhook works

Discover here everything you have to know about TrackingUpdate Webhook

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This Webhook allows you to send real time shipments tracking events to your store for 170+ Carriers with the same Webhook. Your store must support Webhook in order to get the tracking updates.

💡With this Method you can:

  • Delight your customers with realtime shipment tracking events

  • Reduce customer center enquiries/cost, increase CSAT and increase delivery success rate

  • Reduce cost of on hold shipments and always keep your customer updated

In this article, you will learn how TrackingUpdate Webhook works, interpret responses and see some examples.

📌 NB: Please note that in case of multiparcel shipments you will receive tracking events only for the first (main) parcel, and not for the secondary parcels of the shipment.


Before you start

If you are new to implementing ShippyPro API please refer to the ShippyPro API docs getting started section. You need to generate an API Key to authenticate with ShippyPro API first.

If you need help connecting webhooks please check our guide here.

How it works

This Webhook will send shipment tracking events to you endpoint for all your created shipments. You will be notified with each shipment status and detailed tracking information.

To simplify your work, we associated each carrier event status in six simple shipment tracking statuses: Delivered, Info Received, In Transit, Out for Delivery, Missed Delivery and Exception.

TrackingUpdate webhook reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of Webhook body.

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