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How Get Pickup API works
How Get Pickup API works

Discover how to retrieve a scheduled pickup for all your Carriers with one API call

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This Method is a Premium API that retrieves the list of scheduled pickups for all supported Carriers with the same API call.

💡 With this Method you can:

  • Optimize your operations and fulfillment process getting the scheduled pick-up list.

  • Speed-up Carrier pick-ups.


Before you start

Please note that you must have at least a working Carrier connection to make any calls. For help or any information on how to connect a Carrier, please check our help article here. After you have connected at least one Carrier, you will be able to get CarrierID, CarrierName, and CarrierService at the bottom of the ShippyPro API Keys page.

Please check if your Carriers currently support pick-up from our Carrier comparison map.

How it works

This Method allows you retrieve a list of previously scheduled Carrier pick-ups.

You can also specify a Pickup ID or ShippyPro order number, to retrive specific pick-up details.

The Method will reply with a status, a message, and a list of scheduled pick-up details.

If you need to cancel an existing pick-up, please check our CancelPickup API Method.

If you need to book a new pick-up please check our BookPickup API Method.

GetPickUp API reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of Get Pickup API request and response.

Talk to our Experts to learn more about our APIs and take your business to the next level!


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