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How GetDropOff API works
How GetDropOff API works

Discover how to get and select drop–off points for all your carriers with one API call

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This Method allows you to get all the nearest PickUp & Drop-off points (PUDOs) for all supported Carriers with the same API call.

💡With this Method you can:

  • Let your customers choose the delivery option they prefer by showing the pickup and drop-off points for all your Carriers at checkout on a customizable map

  • Delight your customers offering a next-level shipping experience

  • Increase store conversion rate, allowing your customers to choose the nearest pick-up and drop-off points on a map

  • Reduce shipping costs for undeliverable shipments


Before you start

Please check if your Carriers currently support drop-off points from our Carrier comparison map.

How it works

This Method searches for the nearest Carrier pickup and drop-off point for the address you specify in the request. The response contains all the Carrier Drop Off Points details including:

  • Address

  • Logo

  • Opening days and hours

  • Geo coordinates to show them on maps

  • Distance from the origin address

  • and much more.

GetDropOff API reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of Get Drop Off API request and response.

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